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KuwaitSportsBetting.com is part of a national network of sports betting review sites, which provide country-specific information to consumers about online sports betting.

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Kuwait Sports Betting Issues

Welcome gentlemen.  It is fairly well-known that gambling of all kinds is banned by Islamic law and thus outlawed in all forms within Kuwait.  Although some Kuwaiti politicians have had ideas of relaxing these laws so that a select few visitors from outside Kuwait could gamble and consume alcohol in a manner similar to that of the UAE, no such changes have yet been made.  

While gambling is illegal within Kuwait, as with most Muslim nations, Kuwaiti authorities are most concerned with public gambling or gambling in physical locations.  Police are certainly known to bust gambling dens and interrupt temporary gambling operations as operated in people’s houses or parking garages.  Privately betting on sports and gambling online is yet to be a source of significant interest for the authorities in Kuwait.  While many other counties in the region have attempted to block betting sites - unsuccessfully against those that use VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, most of these betting sites are openly available to access from within Kuwait.  

So if you have decided that you would like to begin betting on sports from Kuwait, you have this ability.  KuwaitSportsBetting.com is here to help you ensure you can select the betting sites that might be right for you and provide you with valuable tips to ensure that you are comfortable with your choices.  This is not a pure and simple decision as every betting site is different and not all sites in the world accept customers from Kuwait.  It is also important to know how  this site has come to its conclusions about these sites, read more about this to the right.

Banking with your betting site from Kuwait

Key to your online sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen Kuwait-friendly banking methods.  

As no online bookmaker in the world offers Kuwaiti Dinar betting accounts, you will need to set your betting account to another currency.  In conjunction with this, you may also want a banking method that exists in the same currency to minimize currency exchange fees.  Each of our bookmaker reviews list the accepted account currencies for each site.

High Limit Sports Betting for bettors in Kuwait

High Limit Betting

Most online sportsbooks cater to the average bettor.  However, with a relatively small population and a very high average income in Kuwait, it makes sense to examine the bookmakers that can accommodate bettors that wish to bet larger sums of money.  

Some services are more able to accept high wagers than others.  I examine the limits at each of the sportsbooks I list so you can bet as much as you would like to, on the sports that interest you the most.

What other Kuwait sportsbook review sites fail to tell you

It is important to understand what this site is about and to contrast this with other sources of information on the web that pertain to online sports betting and gambling within Kuwait.  The formula for publishing a betting review site is fairly standard and it has been replicated many times over.  You will no doubt have seen a list of sites with rankings from perhaps one to ten.  In this list you might see a 5-star rating or some arbitrary grade like A+ or 9.7/10.

Most of these sites never actually go into how they actually come to this rating or grade.  They affix these elements purely to make you feel good about your decision on clicking through and becoming a customer of that company.  But know that all the review site is concerned about is your signing up with that company, ANY company.  They don’t care if the site is actually reputable, established or fair in their dealings.  They just want their referral fee.  The problem with this for you is that younger, less reputable companies pay significantly higher fees in order to attract new customers as compared to the most reliable companies on the market.

So you need to ask yourself this, do I really trust the review site.  If you’re not sure, back out of the site.  Most sites will list every site they have reviewed.  Even if they had something negative to say, or listed  a site at three or four stars out of five - they STILL LIST THE SITE!  That shows you they don’t care where they send you.

So how is my list created?  All the sites listed adhere to the following criteria at the time of review:

If a site did not live up to any of these points for prospective Kuwaiti bettors during my review, the site was excluded from the list.  

The best online sports betting sites for players in Kuwait

Kuwait Sports Betting Bonuses

How my research on Kuwait betting was conducted to form the list

I’ve identified the best betting sites for almost every important national market on earth from the perspective of the people in each respective market.  Not every betting company is focused upon each and every market due to issues regarding registration acceptance, language, currency, banking, sports coverage and more.  As such, I’ve reviewed dozens of betting sites to identify the best ones for each market.  

In my list above, I only include the online sportsbooks that are right for the Kuwaiti market, excluding the sites that fail to measure up.  Most other review sites list every site that they review because they don’t care which site you actually choose.  Those review sites prefer that you simply recognize a logo and click through to sign up, even if that site is a poor choice for you.  I choose not to list brands that I feel fail to meet Kuwaiti player’s needs.

Each of my listed sites accept Kuwait bettors, are all well-established companies with excellent reputations, have Kuwait-friendly banking methods, excellent mobile betting platforms, while focusing on the sports that Kuwaitis tend to enjoy the most.  Many also offer extremely high betting limits for bettors that have vast resources with which to play.  I don’t provide phoney star ratings or grades.  I assume my readers are smart enough to look past such patronizing tactics used by other review sites.  You’ll find my list in alphabetical order with the key information stated concisely so you may move on to get started quickly.

10Bet has become a top betting brand, online since 2003.  Enjoy one of the most generous bonus offers on the market, which is available for Kuwaiti bettors.  Get high odds and a wide array of markets for all sports - they are sure to exceed your expectations.  Sponsors of both Blackburn Rovers and West Brom football clubs in the UK.   Read the 10Bet Kuwait review.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting.  Serving millions of bettors, find comprehensive sport coverage, lots of markets including alternate handicaps, competitive odds plus new customers promotions. A gorgeous interface on all devices.  Read the Unibet Kuwait review.


bet365 covers all sports comprehensively in terms of the number of available leagues & betting markets. They have the most intuitive interfaces for mobile and desktop and they constantly innovate with the most advanced features for bettors.  Lots of banking methods are available for Bahrain bettors.  Read the bet365 Kuwait review.


Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offers one of the nicest interfaces with an excellent mobile platform - very intuitive.  Like most top betting sites, they also offer a cash out feature.  Betway is a great choice for Kuwait bettors with a special new customer offer.  Read the Betway Kuwait review.

Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they don’t advertise or offer a sign-up bonus. The savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports, not just football.  A favourite of high-stakes bettors. Read the Pinnacle Sports Kuwait review.

888sport’s parent company has been online since 1997 and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.  They have the most extensive array of banking methods and a wide array of betting markets for all sports. Special bonus offer for Kuwait.  Read the 888sport Kuwait review


One of the world’s premier online casinos also offers a top-notch online sports betting service. Online since 2001, Spin Sports offer solid odds, a great sign up bonus and many banking methods.  Spin Sports Kuwait review.

MarathonBet might be the best option for Kuwait bettors.  Generally, they don’t offer bonuses to anyone.  Instead, MarathonBet offers their amazing odds.  Unique AdvanceBets also allow you to leverage unsettled bets toward new bets, even on a zero balance.  They should be at the top of your list.  Read the Marathon Kuwait review.