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Kuwait High Limit Sports Betting

Wealthy bettors in Kuwait that want to bet and potentially win very large amounts of money need to know which betting sites offer the highest betting limits or winning limits.  Most online sportsbooks only target to the average bettor that plays for recreation.  As such,, most betting sites keep their limits relatively low to avoid large losses.  All the betting sites listed below are reputable and solvent enough to accept some of the highest stakes, ensuring they can pay out the highest allowable winning bets.  

Sports betting sites set their limits for bettors in two different ways: 1) by the amount won in a given day in a given sport, or 2) by the amount allowed to be wagered on a particular event and by the type of bet like the total, 1x2 (moneyline) or against the spread.

I list the betting limits and banking limits below for my recommended Kuwait betting sites with the highest limits.  If you require the highest betting limits as you choose a betting partner, this page gives you the information you need to make a sound decision.  For the true high stakes players, bet365is a great option when betting on ALL team sports.  If you also like wagering on horses, Betway is for you.

Key Issues of Kuwaiti Betting

Betway Sports Winning Limits

Betway has an overall maximum payout limit per customer per day which is £500,000.  In addition, Betway has limits on the amount that can be won from within given sports leagues, the bigger and more important the league the higher the winning limit is.  Additionally, the betting market comes into effect as part of the limits, the most popular types of markets apply to these upper limits.  The more rare betting markets will fall within lower betting limits.  In general, Betway have significantly higher limits than typical betting sites.

The top level football / soccer leagues have daily limits of £500,000.

The second tier of football / soccer leagues have daily win limits of £250,000.

All other football / soccer leagues are at £100,000.

Major American Sport Leagues are limited to £250,000 per day

Top tennis markets are limited to £250,000 per day.